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  Summer 2006 Gallery  

Performing artists and models pose for still photo experience and portfolio building.

Be sure to check out photos in the Spring 2006   and Fall 2006 Galleries


Caitlin G & Jenni C Photo Shoot
Jenni flies all the way from San Diego to shot with Dave.  OK, she visited with best friend Caitlin too.  Here are some of the escapades they conjured up.  18 September 2006
Cayla W Photo Shoot
It's tough to catch 2 year-old Cayla not smiling.  And we didn't try.  It looks to me like she can write her own ticket in modeling.  What do you think?  16 September 2006
Mandi #2 & Brittni Photo Shoot
Mandi brings best friend Brittni along to shoot with Dave .  This is a pair of cutups.  Unrivaled!  10 September 2006
Tiffany M Photo Shoot #5
It's headshots day.  You know the drill.  Except Tiffany mahes hesdahots fun by deviating from the script a little.  It's the only way to do headshots!  4 September 2006
Atheena F Photo Shoot
Beautiful, smart, talented, and tons of fun, this versatile young lady is headed for something BIG.  You can get a glimpse by peeking inside here.  25 August 2006
Candace C Photo Shoot #2
She's back with more neat ideas.  More dynamite!  About seven looks here including a slumber party, workout session, print ad looks and more.  21 August 2006
Sara P Photo Shoot
This is the Amazing Sara, soon to be famous actor.  Imaginative expressive, creative, lovely and long lasting.  She literally directs her own shoot.  18 August 2006
Shelly M Photo Shoot
Posing in some snazzy outfits, Shelly works on getting her portfolio updated.  16 August 2006
Jacinda F Photo Shoot #2
Now a veteran of the photo shoot, Jaci aims to get some headshots and some looks to advance her modeling interest.  How did she do?  A click of the mouse reveals all!  12 August 2006
Erin P Photo Shoot #2
Headshots, headshots, headshots.  Erin's goal for this shoot was - guess what?  OK, so she squeezed a little fun in here too.  She has this mischievous streak... 10 August 2006
Riley & Reese H Photo Shoot
Sisters expressive Riley and lovely Reese do some fashion modeling and create some fun sequences.  9 August 2006
Tha M Photo Shoot
Full of pizzazz, crafty poses, and rib-splitting humor, Tha stuns.  Check out five amazing series!.  6 August 2006
Timylle A Photo Shoot
This happy and expressive young lady is comfortable in front of the camera.  She is a camera magnet!  See her in dazzling color contrasts for yourself!  5 August 2006
Mandi H Photo Shoot #4
Some dazzling high contrast work against blue and black backgrounds!  4 August 2006
Megan Mae Photo Shoot #6
In Dallas from Austin, why not come and see Dave and do some cool posing with some new outfits.  Megan, model/actor, is in the groove!  1 August 2006
Candace C Photo Shoot
Fitness guru, physical therapist, personal trainer, this gal is dynamite!  Longest session ever at over 13 hours and 1,300 photos.  Needless to say we've trimmed them down a little.  31 July 2006
Summer M Photo Shoot
Dancer Summer decides to check out the modeling scene.  She has a few fun themes here you'll enjoy.  30 August 2006
Rosa R Photo Shoot
This young lady tries out various backgrounds with high contrast lighting.  Brave!  29 July 2006
Claudia T Photo Shoot
Here is a lovely young lady, first time shooting with Dave.  Hopefully we'll see lots more of her.  Drop in and see why!  26 July 2006
Dawn M. Photo Shoot
Determined to come away with some portfolio material, multitalented Dawn directs her own colorful, fun, and productive shoot.  20 July 2006
Katee & Loey Photo Shoot
Katee shows up for headshots for an audition and sister Loey steals the show!  18 July 2006
Chandler B Photo Shoot #2
She's back after a two year absence.  Cheerleading is in her past and singing is in her future.  17 July 2006.  Chandler's shoot #1.
Chelsea E Photo Shoot #4
Fitness, fitness, fitness.  Chelsea readies herself for a wide range of opportunities in the field.  Can you do this...?  16 July 2006
Caitlin G Photo Shoot
Accomplished actor Caitlin uses her imagination and creates unique scenes, utilizing resources all around Dave's place.  12 July 2006
Heather O Photo Shoot #7 & 8
It took two photo sessions to get these looks- primarily for Heather's new Web site.  Fun and interesting compositions.  7 & 10 July 2006
Jacinda & Elizabeth Photo Shoot
Elizabeth joins Jacinda to help with hair and makeup and winds up in front of the lens as well.  8 July 2006 
Kennedy S Photo Shoot #3
Kennedy's back.  Hurray!  She strikes some sooo pretty poses, gives us a hint of her cheerleading involvement, and really turns up the heat as she she rocks with her musical keyboard!  28 June 2006
Lexi L Photo Shoot
Lexi at 14 months is a busy little girl.  Dave is in hot pursuit with the camera though, and captures Lexi just being Lexi.  She's a cutie.  26 June 2006
Jordan K Photo Shoot #3
It's been too long since Jordan's last shoot!  She makes up for it in a 11 hour session and at least seven outfit changes.  She's gone from beautiful to really beautiful, and those Jordan eyes are as stunning as ever.  24  June 2006



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