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Parking Zone

This scene was shot in early December 2001 on the West bank of White Rock Lake in Dallas 30 minutes before published sunrise. My Olympus E-10 was set to B shutter speed. The aperture was at f2.2 and the ASA value was 80. Manual exposure time was 8 seconds.

Obviously I neglected to use my flashlight to look at the two spirit levels on my tripod and tripod head. The tilted horizon is corrected in Photoshop. Other enhancements consist of eliminating the bench on the left and making a Hue/Saturation adjustment.

There are some interesting colors and lights in this scene. Click on the image to see more detail.


Original Scene

  On the next pages we'll look at processing the enhancements that result in the final image beginning with correcting the horizon tilt. Use the mini navigation bar below or click the arrow to turn to the next page.    
      Enhanced Scene  

Intro | Rotation | Clone | Hue/Sat

Park Bench & Tree #1


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