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White Rock Lake - Dallas Skyline

On a visit to White Rock Lake in Dallas on a November morning to shoot sailboat reflections I noticed part of the city's skyline jutting above the trees on the opposite shore. At the crack of dawn the buildings glittered with gold reflections. I made a determination to capture the scene.

From an elevated vantage point the scene was more impressive to my eye than when I saw it at lake level. Still, the main subject didn't look very outstanding when seen with the eye of the camera. I had a 1.45x tele-converter attached to the E-10's lens, which gave a focal length of about 152mm (35mm camera equivalent). I thought I could have used a 300mm lens, but really wanted to preserve the lake foreground.


Original Scene


Some enhancement was obviously needed to develop the distant subject in this setting. First, I decided I did not want the framing effect of the overhead branches and removed them. Next I substituted a more interesting sky for the bland original. I used the foreground from a lighter exposure then toped off the scene with a glow effect eminating from the buildings. The effect is more pronounced in the larger view of the image (click to view).

On the next pages we'll look at removing the unwanted branches. Use the mini navigation bar below or click the arrow to turn to the next page.

      Enhanced Scene  

Intro | Clone | Sky | Foreground | Glow

Red Oak Tree Processing


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