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Bone Zone

Tasked with creating an image with a neon theme, I thought of some eye-catching signs in Keystone Plaza in Dallas. The sign on Bone Daddy's restaurant (below right) looked like it had potential and resulted in the composite shown to the right. The zoomed-out photo of the building (below) is intentionally subdued in the final image and is added as an anchor, or point of reference for the viewer. Some subtle processing of the image's background and the addition of a muted lens flare effect rounded out the final composite. The elements were happier together in a portrait orientation, so that is what I adopted.

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On the next page we'll look at exploding the Bone Daddy's sign to give it its eye-catching characteristic. Use the mini navigation bar below or click the arrow to turn to the next page.


Final Composite Scene

  Restaurant with Sign - Zoomed Out   Original Photo of Sign  

Intro | Explode | Backdrop | Final Touches

Bone Zone - Introduction


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