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Early Mast

This scene is of White Rock Sailing Club member boats at dry dock. The purpose of the shot was to obtain a pleasing picture of reflections in the calm lake surface. It was not to be. Morning after morning I would arrive at the location Cootunder perfect conditions only to be greeted by local coots who would swim in my direction hopeful of a handout, creating their wakes. By the time they became discouraged and swam away a breeze would blow up, disturbing the mirror surface again. Meanwhile the sunrise light was rapidly changing. All this made for some frustrating sessions.



Original Scene


Seizing the moment one morning I took some pictures anyway. The unimpressive scene above right was the best I got. Fortunately I had a more impressive sunrise sky from a previous day. Using that and some processing in Photoshop resulted in the better looking image to the right. It can be seen in greater detail by clicking on the image.

On the next pages we'll look at enhancing the sky and applying a texture and a material effect . Use the mini navigation bar below or click the arrow to turn to the next page.

      Enhanced Scene  

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Dry Dock Sailboats


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