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Sailboats in Fog

I arrived at Dallas's White Rock Late one morning in November 2001 to photograph a cityscape from a high point on the north shore at sunrise. The sky was clear- until I approached the lake. There was a dome of fog covering the north end of the lake. Making my way around the northeastern shore I found myself inside the fog . With the rising sun's rays striking the suspended water droplets the refraction and reflections made it look as though I were inside a Northern Lights display.

By the time I got my wits about me and began shooting with my Olympus E-10 the fog was in the process of dispersing. There was enough of the fog remaining for the photographs on this page to still have some of the color I experienced a few minutes earlier. The retreating fog also obscured the not too distant opposite shore, contributing to a sense of isolation.

These images received very little processing. The one below was brightened slightly and the one below, right had its red saturation increased a little. My favorite, composed in accordance with "Dave's rule of halves" received no adjustments at all.

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Partners in Solitude
Framed in the Fog

Sailboats in Fog


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